How to Get the False Eyelash Look Extensions

With all the drama and beauty of faux lashes, it makes sense for more and more women to go for the false eyelash look instead of a more natural appearance. This is especially popular for evenings out and special events. Our customers have been giving us feedback to tell us about this new trend in dramatic eye design. They want to know the ins and outs of creating the false eyelash look themselves. If you are interested in this design, read on to learn more.

Not only do you want a thick and heavy eyelash look, but you also want one that adds drama without looking cartoonish. We recommend starting with 12, 14, and 16 lengths in .05 C curl and .05 D curl respectively. This adds a touch of drama without being too heavy or uncomfortable to apply. The process of designing the overall eye look comes from simply arranging the size 12 lashes on the inner and outer corners, continuing with the size 14 lashes next to those, and keeping these size 16 lashes near the middle. In order to avoid false eyelashes that look like steps or masonry, interspersed a few of the shorter lashes with the longer ones. This looks more natural without ruining the false eyelash look you love.

Even if you are applying these individual eyelashes in the dramatic sweep described above, you should note that it is not necessary to remove existing false eyelashes before you do so. You can work the 12, 14, and 16 lengths in-between ones that are already there. In fact, this can help give you a fuller and thicker false eyelash look if that is what you desire. It also cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend putting yourself together at the cosmetics counter. If you see any ugly or loose ones during the application process, simply remove them and replace them with new lashes.

During the application process, we use a type of eyelashes that are easy to arrange in a fan shape. For this demonstration, we chose Beyelian volume lashes in the sizes mentioned above. Each individual one has attached approximately one or two millimeters away from the natural lash line. This isolating procedure leaves you with a perfect false eyelash look without potentially damaging any of your existing eyelashes. It helps that none of the lashes are stuck together. The last thing you want is a clumpy look with uneven lines. A false eyelash look is one thing, but messiness is something entirely different.

One of the benefits of using individual lashes as we do is that you can start at one edge and jump to the center or the other corner to give each one time to dry before moving on. Also, you can make subtle changes in the angles or positioning as you go to improve the overall look of the fanned-out eyelashes. To give a true false eyelash look, you want them to spread wide in a dramatic arc. Remember, the eyelashes will look fuller and fluffier if you put the shorter 12s in between the 14’s and 16s.

The next time one of your beauty clients comes in for a dramatic false eyelash look, you know exactly how to give it to them. Follow these tips with the different lengths of individual eyelashes to create the most dramatic and full-looking eye design possible.

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