The Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers for Lash Artists

If you work in a beauty salon or provide services associated with eyelash extensions anywhere, you need a professional-quality pair of eyelash tweezers to help you give the best service possible. This important tool provides the precision and control you need to place eyelash extensions exactly where they will look the best for every woman who comes to you for help. Having just one pair of eyelash extension tweezers is not enough. Read on to learn how important it is to have multiple tools by your side.

Why Choose More Than One Tweezer?

Whenever you are applying eyelash extensions for a client or friend, you need both hands involved at all times. In many cases, each one holds a different type of tweezer. If you are right-handed, you probably have a standard or fan-making tweezer in that hand. Your left hand would use what is called an isolation tweezer instead. All three of these varieties are very important to how well you can do your job. Remember, you can only work as well as you can because of the tools you use. A simple pair of tweezers becomes so much more important than you may imagine at first. If you find a brand or variety you like the best, by several right away in case they are taken off the market.


Take Good Care of Your Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Not only should you get multiple tweezers for giving eyelash extensions, but you should also take exceptional care of the ones you have. Scrub the tweezers frequently with safe cleansers specifically made to destroy bacteria while protecting your clients’ skin and eyes. Do not use abrasive cleaners because they can ruin the tips of tweezers. If necessary, use your fingernails or an orange stick to scrape off excess globs of glue before cleaning and sanitizing them completely.

Any excessively harsh cleansers or abrasives can make your tweezers wear out much faster than they have to. Because these tools are so important for putting on or taking off eyelash extensions, you need them to be in excellent condition all the time. If you take care of the equipment you need to do your job, it will serve you well for years.

Eyelash Extension Tweezer Choice Is Personal

While the beauty market may suggest a particular brand, style, or size of eyelash extension tweezer, the choice ultimately comes down to you. Your tools must feel comfortable in your hand and give you the easy leverage you need to hold onto the extensions and position them properly. Some criteria to consider include how long the handle and tips of the tweezers are if they have a rubberized grip or ergonomic shaping, and how hard it is to squeeze them together.

In some ways, choosing a tweezer is like choosing an employee. Every beauty service provider has different needs and interests must coincide with what the tool provides. Also, remember that one simple tweezer will not get the job done right. Not only do you need standard, fan, and isolation tweezers, you may also need different ones for different types of eyelashes.

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