What are Ellipse Lashes and Why Should I be Using Them?

Flat classic Eyelash Extensions Beyelian Beauty

You’ve probably heard of Ellipse lashes, also known as flat or cashmere lashes. Ellipse means oval which is indicative of the shape that the bottom of the lash extension possesses. Rather than having a spherical, circle base, such as a normal common clash, ellipse lashes have a flatter, oval bottom. This flatter basic has many advantages.



A universal problem lash artists face can be lash clients with short and/or thin lashes voicing the desire for thick, bold, and dramatic lash lines. Their natural lashes simply can’t contain the look they go for with traditional lash techniques by itself. Since natural lash health is a number one priority for lash artists professionals, that’s where Ellipse lashes come to try out. Because of the shape of level lash extensions, they have the width of the .20 lash extension without adding any extra weight. The added width will create darkness in the lash series that normal traditional lashes can’t do independently.


Another great benefit these smooth lash extensions bring is texture. As an artist, you can play with the look of your pieces using Ellipse lash extensions. Sprinkle some much longer ones into a classic set to include depth. Sprinkle them into a quantity set to split up the fluff with just a little definition.


As lash artists, we realize that it’s all about the base when it comes to retention. If the base of the expansion isn’t properly honored the natural lash, the extension will likely pop off in a few days, if not really a few hours. The wider base of Ellipse lashes makes certain that you get a good bond to the natural lash since there is more surface for the expansion to properly get together with a client’s lashes. Many artists have reported an increase in retention when working with flat lashes which flatter base is most probably why.



Since the form of the bottom is thin on the sides and thicker on the top or bottom, it will abide by the natural lash best if placed on the top or the bottom of the natural lash. If placed on the side, the point of adhesion might not be strong enough to carry the extension set up without twisting the natural lash.


With Ellipse lashes and creating a wider base, you can lose control of how much lash adhesive gets picked up. In the event that you dip and withdraw too quickly, you’ll finish up with trapped together lashes and gradual drying lash adhesive. The ultimate way to dip lash extensions in glue is by inserting into the middle of the adhesive dot, just 1-2mm, then gradually withdraw the expansion. The slower you emerge from the adhesive, the less adhesive will be found onto the lash. If your humidity is higher you may have to play around with how much you are employing to ensure you are grabbing enough. You may also need to use a different adhesive; find your perfect match here.


split Tips Flat Eyelash Extensions Beyelian Beauty

To combat typical, Beyelian waited a long time to bring Ellipse lashes to our store. It got a while to find the appropriate material that could give a bolder look but nonetheless merge with the clients’ natural lashes. We proceeded to go with a Y-tip design to the lash meaning the end of the lash is break up slightly. This divide in the tip creates a bit more softness to the models and really helps to blend the Ellipse style lashes along with regular traditional and quantity lashes. We also chose a matte surface finish to the extensions that will dampen the glaring impact seen in a great many other brands. The Y-tip and matte finish are a perfect combination to battle this negative stigma that follows smooth lashes around.

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$8.90 $7.90

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