NEWEST Easy Fan Lashes! Volume Lashes That Literally Fan Themselves!

Beyelian fast fan volume lashes

Easy Fan Lashes are perfect if you are new to volume lashes!

The Easy Fanning Lash enables beginners to advanced lash stylists to create volume fans by picking up the desired amount of lash to create volume fans from 2D to 10D+ with ease. Pick the lashes from the strip in a quick motion (do not lift them up slowly).

The sticky strip and bottom of the lashes have a purposely made tackiness to them. This keeps the base from separating so creating volume fans can be done in seconds.


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Our easy fan mega volume lashes are perfect for any lash tech looking to reduce the time during a custom volume set. These are especially great for any lash techs that are new Russian Volume and the Mega Volume technique. At Beyelian Beauty, we understand how frustrating it can be to quickly create volume lashes by hand, especially as a new lash tech. Our easy-to-fan volume lashes have a unique sticky base that prevents fans from separating and falling apart after pick up.

easy fan lashes Beyelian Beauty

Note* These lashes will have similar retention to classic lashes and should be applied the same way. They are not suitable for the wrap around volume technique.

  • 16 lines per tray
  • C or D Curl
  • 0.05mm or 0.07mm Thickness
  • Made from premium quality Korean PBT fibers

If you need to practice your fans to improve your technique or even if you have a client that wants some short-term fluff? These are the ones you need.

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